Scope of business

XinJiang EPC project for ultra-low denitration of flue gas of No. 2 unit of Xinjiang tianfu hesheng thermal power co., ltd.

Xinjiang Tianfu Hesheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 2 # unit, production scale 330MW,   the boiler burner is arranged in an angular arrangement, using a four-corner cutting method. In the design of coal type, boiler BMCR working condition, the treatment of 100% flue gas, and the original concentration of NOx under the condition of 250mg/Nm3, the total efficiency of denitrification is not less than 84%. The denitrification device of this project consists of three parts: metering distribution device, reducing agent injection system and CFD simulation. Urea solution preparation system is old.

Urea solution is sprayed directly into the inlet flue of denitrifier to decompose. It reduces the urea pyrolysis equipment specially used for conventional process and avoids the massive use of secondary energy. The system is simple and easy to maintain. Special nozzle layout and flow field elements are adopted in the flue to meet the flow field uniformity of SCR. The project was put into operation in June 2018 and operated stably.